Digital Forensics

With an emphasis on creating an evidentiary chain of custody, Perin ensures that the data we collect is verifiable and forensically sound. Our experience allows us to examine a larger range of computing devices and operating systems, including:

  • Smart Phones ( Apple, Android, Blackberry, and others )
  • Emails
  • Computers & Laptops ( Windows, Mac, & Unix )
  • Network Servers
  • Cloud-based Accounts
  • Social Media
  • Internet-of-Things & other devices

Our services include analysis and reporting and we work onsite or remotely and we are well versed in the eDiscovery reference model and the different processing and review platforms firms use so we can be a good conduit with your in-house or outside team to give them usable data in the format they need. You focus on strategy, Perin will focus on the data.


When you collect your electronic evidence (electronically stored information), Perin asks, "How are you going to review it?" Not only in the spirit but in the action of finding "it", Perin's eDiscovery services are intended to help you find the 'smoking gun' or that 'needle in the haystack', whatever "it" is and provides a range of services from early case assessment and pre-review culling to final production and data repository services to support you. Perin's services includes:

  • ESI Early Data Assessment
  • Deployment and Consulting on Use of Advanced Analytics
  • ESI Pre-Culling by File Type, Custodian, Date, and Other
  • ESI Search & Filtering
  • ESI Processing & Loading
  • Review Platform Hosting
  • Review Platform Training
  • Production Services

In its role as a consulting expert, Perin is positioned to take advantage of the privileged relationship between counsel and client in litigation, and often works in careful coordination as testifying experts.

Internet Investigations

Perin's Investigation services are rooted in our pursuit of finding "it", information, insight and evidence used for your case. We are technologists at heart and have married traditional investigative techniques with present-day methods and the use of online utilities.

Many times just finding information on a subject is an early step in a case and searching public databases isn't enough. Perin relies on the same advanced tools and methods employed by white-hat hackers, investigative journalists and savvy marketers to comb through social media profiles and other online sources for intelligence; whereabouts, information and themes.

Our technology-first approach is embedded in our thinking and because of our intimacy with the discovery process, we understand the importance of evidence collection; it's about building your case.

Our range of investigation services include:

  • Social Media and Online Investigations
  • People, Business and Themes Background Research
  • People, Business and Themes, Online and Social Media Research
  • Witness, Jury and Deposed Comprehensive Background and Online Profiles
  • Locate/Skip Trace
  • DMV Records
  • Document & Records Research

You focus on the strategy, we'll focus on the data.